Downloadable Goodies for ACSM HFS Attendees (and anyone else who cares…)

14 04 2011

Well, figures it would take me forgetting something to get around to posting a blog entry…  Sabbatical is about 2 months away, so I’ll kick it back into gear soon enough!!!

I’m in Anaheim enjoying the ACSM Health & Fitness Summit.  Today, I presented to a great group of folks on Falls Prevention – Assessment and Implementation Strategies (informally sponsored by Gatorade…those that were there know what I mean!).  Anyway, I did not have enough handouts for my audience & did not have the normative values attached to the handouts anyway.  Handouts are posted below and some great videos of the assessments & some of our key exercises (including our favorite TADA!!!) are posted on my YouTube channel:  ThompsonFitnessSolut

So there you go & thanks for coming!  And if you were not there today, why the heck not???!!!

In health,

Dr. Chris


TUG – Thompson

Chair Stand – Thompson

Norms for Assessments




3 responses

28 04 2011
Ron Jones

Thanks for a great presentation at ACSM and for making the materials available!

2 05 2011

My pleasure, Ron. Thanks for coming!

Dr. Chris

16 11 2011

Off subject, what do you think of the C.H.E.K. Institute and the training they provide as far as their methodologies towards seniors or any other groups for that matter. They do extensive physical/nutritional/emotional evaluations prior to designing very detailed programs revolving around the lifestyle of the client.

Thanks for your time.

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